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5 Problems Education IT Departments Can Solve By Outsourcing to an Oracle Technical Services Provider

Oracle is a major player in the EdTech space, and many institutions are reliant upon the organisation’s database and middleware solutions.

Managing these solutions, however, can be extremely challenging—particularly in the case of legacy systems. From upgrades to ongoing support, finding qualified talent to oversee your Oracle deployments is no easy task.

So, how can you get the most out of your Oracle deployment? When you can’t justify hiring a full-time developer to oversee your deployments—the next best option is to hire an Oracle technical services provider like Amos.

Here are just a few of the major Oracle challenges you can solve by partnering with a company like Amos.

1. System Outages

Unexpected system outages can be incredibly costly, and have a severe impact on users across the board. You need to prevent that from happening. Unfortunately, particularly in larger institutions, that’s easier said than done.

It’s also important to work with a partner that understands education-specific timelines. For example, proactive monitoring can minimize disruption and ensure essential systems are operational when it matters most, such as during registration, admissions, and exams.

Amos proactively monitors your systems, predicting potential issues and alerting you to problems before they impact your infrastructure. And should your institution face an unexpected emergency, our disaster recovery and business continuity service helps you stay online and avoid data loss.

2. Migrations & Upgrades

Educational institutions reliant on legacy Oracle systems face a difficult situation. These systems and the applications they support are crucial. Yet outdated architecture often does not provide the necessary functionality for end users, while also becoming increasingly complex and insecure over time.

Amos will do the necessary legwork to ensure a smooth transition, whether you’re migrating or upgrading. We also plan upgrades and migrations around realistic windows that prioritize education’s timelines. This helps to minimize disruption to students, academics, and any stakeholders involved in these processes.

We support on-premises, off-premises, and full cloud deployments, and can seamlessly migrate your infrastructure to any of the three. And we’ll ensure your upgrades go smoothly, without impacting other systems or functionality.

3. System & Lifecycle Management

It’s far too easy to fall behind Oracle’s release schedule, leaving your institution with outdated, unsupported systems. In addition to impacting usability — causing business users to lose out on critical functionality, for instance — versioning challenges represent a security risk. Recall that as many as one in three data breaches are caused by unpatched vulnerabilities, then factor in the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

It can be incredibly challenging to run stuff on Oracle when your systems are not up to date, secure, and have little support. Plus, it may even weaken your compliance, leaving sensitive student data vulnerable to digital threats.

With Amos, you need not worry about falling behind on your release schedule ever again thanks to our Oracle Supports service, which provides ongoing maintenance and patching. We’ll also help you optimise your system, monitor system health, and scan for security vulnerabilities. The end result is an up to date system that’s designed to keep your student’s data safe.

4. Lack of Internal Resources

The reality is education doesn’t always have an Oracle DBA on staff, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need one. And if they do manage to find and hire an Oracle administrator, retaining them is often a challenge since they tend to leave when a more attractive vertical is hiring.

Now that doesn’t mean you won’t have someone on your team capable of managing these systems. It’s common for educational institutions to have some form of internal ownership. However, this creates additional strain on your IT department and can leave you fighting for limited resources. Outsourcing can solve this problem, giving you access to the expertise you need.

Through Amos, your institution gains access to an experienced Oracle team fully capable of filling in your knowledge and skill gaps. You’ll also be provided with a dedicated project manager who will make your needs a priority. Both will work collaboratively with your organisation to find the best route possible towards your business goals.

Amos also automates many routine maintenance tasks, including optimisation, housekeeping, and security scans, while our Oracle Apex Development service sets you up with a database tailored exclusively to your institution.

5. Non-Education Technology Partners

While Oracle does provide support for its self-hosted systems—finding a technology partner that understands the unique needs of education is a significant challenge.

Additionally, most third-party software vendors are both inexperienced with Oracle and lack knowledge of educational systems and processes.

Amos offers a better way, with decades of experience in the education sector and EdTech specifically. We are a trusted, reliable project management organisation that understands both your needs and how best to meet them. We also provide full out-of-hours support, so you never have to deal with an outage alone.

Turnkey Services. Expert Support. When and Where You Need It.

Getting the support your Oracle systems need to provide a best-in-class student and staff experience isn’t easy. Plus, migrating to an entirely new system isn’t always an option.

If you’re looking to modernise and drive more value out of your existing Oracle infrastructure, Amos can help. Get in touch with our team of Oracle specialists to see how we’ve helped other educational institutions better manage their Oracle infrastructure.

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