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Corporate Reporting Consultancy

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by ensuring that we deliver a personal level of service combined with expert knowledge and advice.

We focus solely on Corporate performance management, delivering self service reporting and interactive dashboards.   Our team are highly qualified and their  knowledge of the highest standard. We have an  continuous training program for everyone on the team  to keep their skills and expertise up to date.

Putting our customers at the forefront of all we do, our team delivers honesty and integrity resulting in trustworthy, reliable and long-term customer relationships.

“I put our customers and the quality of our work as my highest priority.  Having happy customers and producing high quality work that I could be proud of was why I started Amos” Aislinn Traynor – Co- Founder

Qualified Corporate Performance Management  Professionals

Adrienne Daly
Adrienne DalyManaging Director
Adrienne is the managing director at AMOS, and has more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry.

Aislinn McKenna Traynor
Aislinn McKenna TraynorSenior Consultant and Co-Founder
Aislinn Mc Kenna Traynor is a highly experience Chartered Accountant. Having worked in practice and in industry, she brings a special understanding of the challenges of getting timely management…

Sarah Steen
Sarah SteenSolutions Consultant
Sarah is responsible for working closely with our clients to scope out projects, defining the reporting strategy and developing the end solution in collaboration with the…