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Quercus is a robust platform that’s great for educational administrations
looking to improve their flexibility. But as feature-rich as Quercus is—the
platform often doesn’t work as intended unless you have the right integrations.

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invest in Quercus?

Quercus is popular amongst education institutions that are looking to improve their ability to manage the student experience, implement a powerful self-service solution, take advantage of analytics and reports, and scale the platform as they grow.

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Experiencing Quercus Related Difficulties...

A lack of integration between systems can lead to
a variety of challenges, including:


Quercus Live Link to work multiple systems, and other integrations?


Quercus messages to go to multiple systems?


and ensuring the reliability of your Quercus integrations?


Quercus Message Link with your existing systems?

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Find out how our education experts are leveraging best practices and tools to help leading education institutions overcome their complex integration challenges.

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    Improve all aspects of your Quercus solution with Amos | Connect

    Get your organisation and the integrations it relies on up to speed with a solution that's designed to create value, enhance business processes, and uplift the student experience.

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    Did you invest in Quercus—expecting the integration to work out of the box?
    Amos will simplify how your institution interacts and drives value from

    Decades of Experience Building Quercus Integrations for Education

    Quercus is only as good as the integrations that power it. Amos | Connect was designed specifically for educational institutions to help them get their data systems synced and communicating.

    Create Efficient Integrations Between Your CRM and Quercus Message

    A default Quercus implementation may require up to four integration messages to ensure that data has been sent to the right source. Amos|Connect reduces this problem, using its API Library to present usable end points to your other campus systems.

    Visualise Your Data Flow with the Integration Dashboard

    Understanding your integration can be challenging. We help you visualise how it works. Amos | Connect's powerful Integration Dashboard keeps you in control and ensures that your data is always flowing between your systems.

    Build Integrations That Enhance Your Workflows

    Does your institution have a specific way that it likes to work? The Amos team will work with you to define the flow of your data, implement integrations that work with your processes, and support the connectors for you.

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