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Amos Connect for Tribal EBS

Get Your Tribal EBS System Ready for the Cloud

Get your Tribal EBS system cloud-ready with access to a platform purpose-built to support and streamline data management in further & higher education.

Seamlessly Transition to the Cloud

Get your Tribal EBS system ready for the cloud with specialised integrations delivered through Amos Connect’s integration with a service solution.

  • Discover exactly what you need to get your Tribal EBS solution ready for the cloud
  • Connect and improve the flow of data between your key systems
  • Leverage API to API, API to legacy, and other integration methods
  • Deploy a centralised integration hub that improves visibility and management for your integrations

Knowledge and Expertise

Amos has decades of education industry experience, understands Data Link and Tribal APIs, and can seamlessly integrate your essential systems.

  • Achieve proactive management, comprehensive monitoring, and full lifecycle support
  • Flexible, hands-on support for all your integration needs
  • Collaborate with a dedicated project manager that’s experienced with higher education
  • Reduce costs by using powerful integrations to achieve system efficiency

Purpose-Built for Education

We designed Amos Connect specifically to solve ongoing problems with education administration, from hybrid integration to compliance challenges.

  • Work with a platform that scales to your needs, both today and tomorrow
  • Modernise your landscape without the need to replace legacy systems
  • Achieve bi-directional data flow between your essential systems
  • Automate routine maintenance with the always up to date Amos Connect platform

Get the Most Out of Your Data

Visualise your integration’s performance with powerful analytics and a full 360-degree view of your ecosystem.

  • Pull data from any source and make it available to any integration endpoint
  • Automatically identify and resolve duplicates and keep them out of the core system
  • Data mapping, advanced data visualisation and automatic data validation
  • Stay compliant and keep your data secure with hosted IPaaS
  • Ensure data quality and eliminate poor quality data propagation

Blackpool College Achieves Tribal EBS Success With Amos

Blackpool and the Fylde College needed a partner that could help them drive more value out of their Tribal EBS solution by leveraging integration to best-in-class solutions.

Here’s how Amos helped:

  • Achieved bi-directional real-time data flow between Tribal EBS and Shopify’s Online Short Course Platform
  • Eliminated the need for manual data entry for student data
  • Reduced the number of system integration errors and issues
  • Enabled Blackpool to fully leverage the speed and scale of the cloud
  • Improved the quality of data flowing through the system
  • Gave Blackpool the opportunity to integrate best-in-class solutions

What’s Included

We’ll give you the freedom to focus on value add activities — our experts will handle the technical side.

Powerful Integration Framework

An intuitive, pre-built, and configurable solution crafted for further and higher education institutions

Monitoring & Alerting

Proactive management ensures you’re never caught unawares.


Streamline integration and connectivity via a wide variety of APIs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Leverage scalable cloud technology and integrate seamlessly with modern and legacy systems.

End-to-End Encryption

Keep your data secure as it moves between systems.

Bi-Directional Real-Time Data Flow

Improve the user experience with bidirectional data flow between essential services.

Management Console

Manage and troubleshoot integrations with highly-visual dashboards.

Project Management

Keep everything running smoothly with a project manager that specialises in higher education.

Project Management

Keep everything running smoothly with a project manager that specialises in higher education.


Free up your IT resources by automating maintenance, optimisation, and more.

How Amos Gets Your Tribal EBS Cloud-Ready

Kickstart your journey to the cloud with a proven partner that understands the ins and outs of integration. With our approach, we can quickly get your organisation cloud-ready.

  1. Analyse the current state of your integrations
  2. Determine what’s essential for the business
  3. Plan your modernisation & integration roadmap to get your Tribal EBS cloud-ready
  4. Integrate essential systems using Amos Connect for Tribal EBS
  5. Contact Tribal to start your transition to the cloud

The Right Partnership Makes All the Difference

Leverage our higher education integration expertise to get your Tribal EBS solution ready for the cloud. Book your discovery call today to get started.

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