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Amos helps education institutions drive more value from their
processes and data with custom integrations, dashboards,
and technical and consulting services.

Decades of Experience Meeting Education's Unique Needs

Our team of education specialists has decades of experience working with top universities and colleges throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and North America.

Any project we oversee will give you access to our experienced project managers, the proven processes and tools that we use to streamline objectives and outcomes, and an avenue to brainstorm big ideas, so we can work to create optimised solutions.


Consulting Services From
Education Specialists

Amos understands the unique challenges your institution faces, your goals, and
what you expect from your Student Management System. Our consulting
services are designed to assess and propose improvements to your business
processes, including:

Business Process Reviews

Are your business processes slowing you down? We can review current processes, look for weaknesses, propose improvements, and oversee implementation.

User Acceptance Testing

Is your team struggling to find the time needed to do user acceptance testing? We can augment your teams to build test plans and oversee the entire testing process.

Functionality Evaluation

Are you looking to utilise new functionality through an upgrade? Education institutions often don't benefit from new functionality because they're uncertain how it'll impact their processes.

Technical Services for
Education Institutions

Does your organisation require technical help to manage your systems?
Amos offers a variety of solutions, including:

Application & Infrastructure Upgrades

Stay within the support cycle of the systems your institution relies on with application upgrades that ensure both continuity and reliability. Our technical team will identify potential upgrades, plan the upgrade process, and carry out the upgrade at times that suit your users.

Support and Monitoring

Make your systems more reliable with dedicated support and proactive monitoring services. We can help you diagnose potential system health problems, avoid system outages, and be prepared for times of high usage.

Custom Development for Student Management Systems

Drive more value from your existing Student Management System with our custom software development services. We use best practices and an agile methodology to ensure that your needs are being met.

Amos Software Solutions

Education institutions rely on their data being readily available and synchronised between the different core systems they use. Amos has developed two solutions that are capable of improving how education institutions approach data connectivity, management, and visualisation.

Amos | Connect

Amos | Connect is a turnkey integration solution that enhances the flow of data between essential systems, provides access to an integration hub, and improves how organisations manage their data.

Our Integration Solution is Designed to:

  • Provide real-time data flow between your systems
  • Simplify the integration process of essential systems
  • Create a standardised language using Education Data Models
  • Improve compatibility through robust API-integration
  • Keep your data safe with secure end-to-end encryption
  • Enhance oversight with a streamlined management console
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Amos | 3D

Amos | 3D combines the best of data management and visualisation, allowing organisations to make better decisions with the data they have available through interactive dashboards and intuitive dataflow.

Our Data Visualisation Solution is Designed to:

  • Standardise your business processes using efficient data management
  • Reduce errors using a system of checks and balances
  • Enable bidirectional data flow between applications
  • Provide your organisation with detailed reporting functionality
  • Enhance reports using the KPIs that matter most to you
  • Offer you the support you need to simplify onboarding
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