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Amos | Tribal SITS

End to end integration as a service for Tribal SITS

Amos | Connect is an end-to-end integration as a service solution which can handle both legacy and modern integration methods. We can help you unlock the power of the SITS Stu-Talk component whilst taking ownership and responsbility of your dataflows across multiple applications.

Amos | Tribal SITS

Moving to SITS Cloud? Why not modernise your integrations along the way.

Amos | Connect manages the data orchestration for both legacy and modern API integrations, whilst communicating to SITS via the Cloud compliant Stu-Talk component.

We provide a secure, scalable integration platform that is pre-configured for SITS and other commonly used applications in higher education.

System integration can be expensive and time consuming...

But it doesn't have to be. Here are some of the challenges Higher Education institutions face with integrations such as direct database connections.

Be SITS Cloud ready

For many good reasons legacy direct database or file transfer integrations are not compatible with SITS in the cloud. The prospect of unpicking these existing integrations and modernising the SITS data transfer to use Stu-Talk can feel overwhelming and prevent an institution from achieving their digital transformation goals.

Proliferation of poor quality or invalid data

Modernising your integrations can be the perfect opportunity to ensure data is properly validated and transformed before being delivered to its destination point(s). For instance, sending Unicode characters downstream to non-Unicode compliant applications generates errors and wastes precious time and resource.

Poor management of integrations

The integrations you rely on may have been designed by teams (or an individual!) that have long since left your institution, or by companies that aren't specialised in integration. They are often brittle, poorly maintained and are an unsupportable blackbox in your institution.

Lack of affordable expertise

Finding the right human resource or integration partner that understands the complexity of integration, the proprietary Stu-Talk component of SITS and the nuances of higher education is almost impossible.

Data security and compliance risk

On-premise student systems with insecure integration mechanisms are persistently being targeted by ransomware cyber criminals, crippling several UK and Irish institutions and costing thousands to resolve. Furthermore, increased data compliance regulations such as the GDPR are putting a much greater onus on your institution to properly manage your data.

Lack of end-to-end integration ownership

Student system vendors have enhanced their solutions to be more open through the delivery of API's and integration development kits. This requires in-depth proprietary technical expertise to make them usable and does not take responsibility for the full end-to-end delivery of data to numerous end points.

Amos | Connect

We've got a feature for that

Powerful Integration Framework
A pre-built, fully supported solution that can be implemented with ease into any higher education admin system.
Alerts and monitoring
We're proactively monitoring integrations at all times. If there's anything you need to know you'll be alerted.
Access APIs that can streamline integration and provide connectivity with popular higher education systems.
End-to-End Encryption
A fully encrypted integration platform that keeps your data secure as it moves between systems.
Cloud Infrastructure
Amos | Connect is cloud native, hosted on AWS and integrates with both cloud and on-premise legacy systems.
Real-Time Data Flow
Real-time data flow between the essential services in your system makes for a better employee and student experience.
AMOS Tribal Sits

Why choose Amos | Connect?

AMOS are higher education integration specialists. We support and manage the tech ourselves, relieving the in-house burden and ensuring the integrations are updated in line with new releases of SITS and other campus systems.

Help keep your student data secure

Guard against the HE data breach trend, stay compliant and mitigate unwanted negative publicity. Industry standard encryption and robust AWS cloud security methods keeps your data secure as it flows around campus.

Remove the need for expensive capital investment

Our Software as a Service subscription platform removes the need for capital investment in integration technology or the need to skill the internal team on developing complex technologies.

Flexible solution that integrates with legacy systems

Your legacy systems are deeply embedded in your institution. We can work with and build upon your existing legacy systems, providing you with an agile solution that doesn't require complete change.

A solution designed specifically for education institutions

We've designed Amos | Connect specifically to solve major problems that have been affecting education administrations for decades.

Cloud-based and scalable

Your needs evolve over time, so does Amos | Connect. You can scale up your solution based on your actual needs. There's no need to pay for features you aren't ready to use.

Are you ready to find out how Amos can support your journey to the SITS Cloud?

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