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Quercus Services

We are in a unique position to assist Quercus Users. We have built a team of professionals who have deep domain knowledge of the Quercus system. Some of the team have worked in both CampusIT and Ellucian.


Quercus Implementation and Business Process Services

With our extensive knowledge of the sector in both Ireland and the UK, we can assist your organisation to get the most out of your investment in Quercus. We have developed a methodology to review your processes, and the way in which your organisation utilises the system against your desired outcomes.


We will make recommendations for improvement, and if required can assist with the implementation of the improvements.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Our specialist reporting and data analytics team can assist you to deploy an efficient reporting strategy, either using embedded Quercus reporting tools or, if you are finding the embedded too restrictive, and would like to report on everything in your Quercus database and other databases in the organisation we can provide an enterprise reporting tool and assistance to get it up and running.


We can work with your team to produce high quality management dashboard from data across the enterprise.

Health Check your Quercus installation

For Quercus on-premise users whom are concerned about the general health of your Oracle installation, and would like to improve monitoring and alerts about potential issues, our Oracle team can help. We will conduct a complete review of the current configuration of the database and the application servers.

You will be provided with a comprehensive report on our finding and recommendations on possible improvements.  We can also recommend a monitoring system and assist with the implementation.

Quercus in the Cloud

Moving Quercus from On Premises to Private cloud – Azure or AWS

If you are concerned about the risk on on premises servers and would like to be able to move to the cloud without the restrictions of the Ellucian Cloud offering – we can help.


Our technical team will start by setting a test environment in the cloud of your choice, configure Quercus and apply upgrades if necessary. We will also provide advice and assistance for integration from the cloud implementation. Then on to the production environment.

Quercus GDPR Compliance

Many Quercus implementations have been running for years, and Quercus has limited provision for deleting data and has no specific data retention policy. We review your data in line with the regulations and identify data that you may be storing on your database that is not compliant.


Once identified, we will propose a solution for removing the non-compliant data, and if required we will anonymize and aggregate the data into a warehouse for comparative reporting purposes.

Quercus ApEx Development

Specifically for Quercus on-premise clients. Our ApEx developers are familiar with Quercus and have developed it for many years. We can work with your users to specify changes, develop solutions, and assist your users to test the new functionality. We will assist your team to deploy the new functionality and train your users.

After going live you will have access to our help desk team to resolve any issues with the new functionality.

AMOS Connect – Integrating campus systems

Our technical team are busy developing a unique approach to integration, that supports both on premises and cloud hosted Quercus.

It utilises Quercus Live link and Message Link and will integrate to other on premises or cloud hosted solutions, or a blend of both.

Amos Connect is a shared integration platform specific for higher education. Based on the industry leading WSO2 technology stack and hosted on AWS.  Amos Connect provides a API-centric hybrid integration platform capable of architecture styles such as microservices, cloud-native, or centralized ESB.