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The Amos Wrap Up 2022 – A message from Amos Leadership

2022 was a successful year for Amos and our customers. I would like to thank our team, partners and most of all our valued customers for their continued support and collaboration.

Taking a look back on 2022 we saw many positive outcomes and also challenges for the IT departments of Education institutions. The need to support a hybrid model of working and delivering education amid concerns about cyber attacks and in some cases having to deal with the impact of cyber attacks.

Integration and security is one of the leading concerns for institutions as they are being encouraged to move their enterprise systems to the cloud to keep abreast with the vendors, many of whom are reducing support for the on premise versions of their system. This is particularly the case with the Student record vendors, all of whom are now committed to a cloud first policy.

IT departments have concerns about how systems will integrate when they are on the cloud, as the technical infrastructure and the Student record vendor mandate secure API integration.

Also in order to keep the data safe in the cloud the vendors are placing significant limitations to access the data for both integrations and reporting.


Growing our partnerships with top-tier UK education systems, cloud platforms and services

For Amos, 2022 has been all about partnerships, working together with the vendors and cloud infrastructure providers to get our clients ready to move their system to the cloud, fully integrated and ready for reporting across the enterprise. Specifically, we’ve welcomed engagement with the following companies:

Plus we’ve been busy strengthening our relationship and capitalities with Oracle and offering technical services for their database and technology stack.


Building and expanding integrations within Amos Connect

Our clients who already have their student systems in the cloud have been availing of our connectors to systems such Moodle, Paxton, TargetConnect, Canvas, Hubspot, Celcat, Ellucian Quercus, Tribal SITS, Tribal EBS and MS Dynamics. This approach has enabled these institutions to get up and running quickly with integration and to benefit from our extremely experienced team to get them through the integration hurdles.

As there are so many unknowns when a system that has been in use for decades in an institution is moved to the cloud, we have adopted a ‘proof of value approach’. This is where we have worked with AWS and the client to do a test migration of the entire Student records system, so the end users can get actual experience of the system in the cloud and to unearth all the facts to inform a full cloud migration programme.

Our Oracle and Quercus technical team has had an extremely busy year in 2022 assisting our clients to upgrade their systems and to derive value from the new functionality to support core applications such as the new HESA Data Futures requirement in the UK. Many of our Quercus clients are now benefiting from our service level agreements (SLA), which give them access to system monitoring and top class support to ensure high availability and support for custom components of their systems.


Delivering value for Amos 3D customers through enhanced reporting and analytics

The Amos 3D reporting team has also had a very successful year. Projects in 2022 have ranged from migrating from old technology to new reporting technologies in line with vendor policies, to developing extensive enterprise dashboards taking data from multiple sources and presenting to the users based on their role in the organisations. A particularly exciting project delivered a ‘Talent evaluation dashboard’ where the organisation can see their talent skills and competencies, and easily identify gaps or overlaps.


Expanding and partnering with leading UK Institutions

Core to our values at Amos is our customer care, we believe in what we do and are passionate about ensuring our customers success. This year we are absolutely delighted to welcome the University for the Creative ArtsNortheastern University London, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and the University of South Wales to our expanding list of clients in the UK and Ireland.

We’re pleased to announce that this year we went live with Amos connect at both ICMP (The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance) and Northeastern University.

For the former we delivered real time integrations between Quercus and Canvas. We explored this completed project in a recent case study.

Here’s a taster of what COO Harri ap Rees had to say about our work:

‘Having Amos Connect at ICMP has really taken the burden of point-to-point integration from our staff team. As an institution we can re-focus our resources and allow the technology to do its job, safe in the knowledge that student data is secure, and their important course and module information is where it’s supposed to be.’

For Northeastern University London we delivered our Amos Connect platform for systems such as Paxton, TargetConnect, Canvas, Hubspot and Celcat. We’ll be delivering even more connectors for NU in 2023.


Growing our team and capabilities

With our customer growth came the need to expand our internal teams to be able to continue to augment our clients projects with skilled and experienced Amos team members.  We were delighted to attract new and experienced talent to our team in 2022 which included ex Hull University Higher Ed Dev Specialist Simon Crosby to the team as a Product Owner in an advisory/consultant capacity. The development team expanded with 4 new developers. We are still expanding our team and we are hiring! 

Interested in joining our team? Send us an email


Looking forward to 2023

For institutions who are preparing for moving to the cloud we would like to share our experiences which we hope will be useful to inform your programmes.  We are planning to run a webinar in collaboration with our clients and our partners in the vendor communities to share useful stories about how to approach the move to the cloud. Stories are also shared in our case studies –  recent case study.

We are looking forward to more face to face activities and are planning to attend a range of events where we will share our experiences and learn more about what the sector needs from an integration partner.  In 2022 we found our Technology Partner conferences a great opportunity to interact and listen to the needs and challenges of our clients.

Our Amos Connect Product team will be taking the output from our projects and productising more connectors to add to our portfolio, these will include Syllabus Plus, Cas Shield, Agresso, Blackboard and StarRez amongst others.

The Amos 3D reporting team will continue to assist clients to migrate to new technologies and are starting work with an exciting new client delivering our Project Accounting platform.

2023 will be a year of upgrades for the Oracle and Quercus technical teams, and we will support the move to cloud infrastructure ensuring safe and reliable systems.

We will continue to collaborate with the technology providers in the marketplace to build even stronger alliances to help us all provide a better service to our current and future customers. 

From all the team here at Amos, thanks for joining us on this journey and we hope you have an excellent 2023.

Thank you, 

Adrienne Daly

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