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Get Your Tribal EBS System Cloud-Ready With Amos Connect


Tribal EBS is an incredibly powerful platform for the management of student data, but it is at its most powerful when unshackled by the cloud.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Tribal EBS implementations are still on-premise. And though there are many customers that want to migrate to the cloud, Tribal is a SIS vendor — not an integration specialist.

It’s not that the vendor refuses to help its EBS customers with cloud migration. Quite the contrary, in fact. For clients with the proper foundation in place, it handles the bulk of the work.

The problem lies in establishing that foundation.

It’s a challenge that most educational institutions lack the in-house expertise to overcome.Because in many cases, although SQL databases, flat files, and legacy software are all frequent obstacles to cloud migration, abandoning them is not an option. The connections these systems and apps share with Tribal EBS need to be updated — they need to be made cloud-ready.

That’s where Amos comes in. Through our flagship solution, Amos Connect, we offer educational institutions a simple path forward into the cloud. Designed specifically for educational institutions, our no-code platform enables the configuration and deployment of complex integrations in a matter of seconds.

More importantly, however, that platform is backed by decades of expertise working within both further and higher education administration.

An Integration Expert With a Purpose-Built Solution

Where Tribal EBS is concerned, Amos Connect acts as the hub for all your connections. Rather than having to integrate each individual system with Tribal EBS, everything instead hooks into our platform. From there, Connect handles all the heavy lifting, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of data to and from your ecosystem.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways.

Your first option is to simply integrate the database connection or flat file system directly into Connect. We recognise that your legacy systems are deeply embedded in your institution.That’s why we’ve designed Connect to build upon legacy without requiring it to be completely re-architected.

Your second option is to modernise your legacy connections into usable APIs. Having worked with the education sector for decades, we know precisely what’s required to enable that class of modernisation. Our platform is further capable of seamlessly working with whatever systems you use internally.

Whatever path you choose to take, we provide more than the platform. We offer integration as a service, with a solution designed specifically for the needs of education administration. And unlike many providers, we’re with you for the whole integration journey, from beginning to end.

We know what it takes to get your Tribal EBS system ready for the cloud. Our integration specialists will collaborate with your institution to get you there. And if you happen to run into any trouble along the way, our support desk is available within UK working hours, with additional out of hours support available where required.

Amos Connect’s Integration Process

The first step in getting your institution cloud-ready is to determine the current state of your integrations. What software solutions do you currently use? Which of those are mission-critical, and which can be deprecated or replaced?

From there, it’s simply a matter of charting an integration roadmap, determining the most efficient path towards cloud-readiness. We’ll work closely with you to integrate your ecosystem with Amos Connect, modernising where necessary. As we do so, we’ll also perform regular health checks and user acceptance testing.

Our main goal is to ensure that there are no major workflow interruptions. After all, integration does you little good if you render your systems unusable or your data inaccessible. For Amos,it’s not enough to get you cloud-ready — we need to make sure the process is as painless as possible for you.

Once all your apps are properly integrated and we’ve verified that all data is flowing correctly,there’s just one step remaining. Let Tribal know. They’ll handle the final steps in getting your Tribal EBS deployment into the cloud.

Modernise, Streamline, Integrate, & Scale With Amos Connect for Tribal EBS

Integration can be a nightmare even for organisations with a well-funded IT department. It’s no surprise that it’s a responsibility so few vendors want to take on. Nor is it shocking that so few in the education sector have the necessary expertise to tackle the challenge.

More than anything else, it’s that expertise that Amos brings to the table. We’ll work with you to find the simplest path to getting your institution cloud-ready. That way, your Tribal EBS solution is ready to meet the challenges of modern education.

Because at Amos, integration is in our DNA. It’s what we do — what we’ve always done. We understand your systems, your specific needs, the key processes you rely on, and the ‘why’behind everything.

And with that knowledge, we’ve got you covered, no matter what challenges your organisation may face.


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