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10 Common BI Challenges to Consider Before Starting Your Next Reporting Project

Businesses are always finding ways to optimise their operations and plan future activities. Data collection is invaluable for this purpose because it allows management to see what’s going on in the organisation, both today and tomorrow. But with companies collecting more data than ever — the biggest challenges revolve around collecting, securing, and using all … Read More

How to Select KPIs for Your Dashboard and Data Reporting Project

It doesn’t matter how much data you collect if you have no idea what to do with it. If a reporting project is to succeed, you must clearly establish your objectives at the outset. Perhaps more importantly, you must understand your key performance indicators (KPI). And that means knowing what data is available and whether … Read More

Why You Should Connect Your CRM and Student System

The customer experience is everything today, which is why customer relationship management (CRM) systems are a must-have in virtually every industry. So, why does higher education have a CRM problem? It has a lot to do with the fact that student management systems struggle to provide a modern CRM experience. Add to that how vital … Read More

Unlocking The Power Of Quercus to Overcome Education’s Integration Challenges

Unlocking The Power Of Quercus to Overcome Education’s Integration Challenges It’s no secret that higher education is rapidly modernising the systems they rely on to deliver an exceptional student experience. From all aspects of course management, student profile creation, internal course requirements, and more—the need for agile and connected solutions that streamline data management is … Read More

Integration as a Service: Why Integration Is the New ERP in Education

Data flow and application integration are two of the biggest challenges enterprises face in the digital age. With more applications comes more data, and integrating these legacy systems requires significant technical expertise. Higher education is no stranger to these challenges either. The need to integrate essential systems like student management systems, accounting, and human resources … Read More

The Seven Components of a Successful Reporting Project

We live in a world defined by hyperconnectivity. A world where we’re bringing more endpoints, sensors, and systems online than ever before. A world of distributed work, cloud software, and endless data streams. You’ve doubtless heard of that data’s value. Big data pundits are always keen to trumpet the power of analytics and the insights … Read More

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