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Helping you drive value out of your data

Your organisation has a huge amount of data to deal with. We make it an asset.

Our software, platforms and guidance optimise your data flow, improve user experience and save time and energy for your staff teams.

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Amos | Connect

Unleash your data with enhanced system connectivity

Through Amos Connect we get data flowing across campus with configurable integrations, user dashboards and proactive, technical know how.

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Amos | Connect
Amos | 3D

Make your data actionable

Our Amos 3D offering streamlines how you manage and visualise data in your organisation.

Amos | 3D
Amos | Consulting

Insights you can count on

We want your processes and systems to work at their best. Our consulting can provide you with the technical expertise you need to succeed.

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Amos | Consulting
Amos | Connect

We orchestrate the flow of data across your organisation, delivering a fully integrated system.

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Amos | 3D

Streamline, manage and visualise your data with our powerful software.

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Oracle Technical Services

We'll give you insights into what's working and what could be improved.

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We give you more than just the parts

Your organisation needs a system that works straight away, so we deliver a bespoke, fully integrated system to your specifications. Plus, to ensure continuity, your delivery team will be on hand to ensure everything's always running as it should be.

Find out how our service differs from off the shelf IPaaS solutions.

Student information system

Discover the hidden potential of your student record system

Our team of experts will help you unlock its potential, creating a better experience for end users.

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