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ICMP Amos Connect Case Study
Amos | Customer Success Story

ICMP Amos Connect Case Study

Removing challenges and freeing up time for ICMP

Our work with ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance), an award-winning international music school, is a classic example of Amos Connect, streamlining the flow of data across an organisation.

We worked directly with the team at ICMP, including those who manage the student information system and virtual learning environment. Before we began, Harri ap Rees, Registrar and COO at ICMP had this to say:

“ICMP is delighted to be partnering with AMOS to modernise and improve systems and data integration, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our business processes with the aim of improving the student and staff experience.”

Harri ap Rees

Registrar and COO at ICMP


What did we deliver?

The work at ICMP involved setting up real time integration between core platforms Quercus and Canvas.

This included course creation, module creation, and student and staff assignment so that data would automatically travel between these two points.

These integrations are bi-directional. For example, the marks for assignments logged in Canvas would need to appear in the Quercus Assessments area. Module data updates in Quercus would need to automatically be updated in Canvas.

What we achieved for ICMP

The main benefit of creating this integration is that it removes the need to manually input large amounts of data and streamlines that dataflow. Points of failure removed. Time saved.

Not only that but because errors are reduced, we increase GDPR compliance whilst reducing risk to the institution.

However, it’s probably best to hear the scope of our achievement from the client themselves.

Upon completion of integrating their system, we were pleased to hear this from Harri:

“Having Amos Connect at ICMP has really taken the burden of point-to-point integration from our staff team. As an institution we can re-focus our resources and allow the technology to do its job, safe in the knowledge that student data is secure, and their important course and module information is where it’s supposed to be. We’re really satisfied with how this ongoing partnership is working and the care that has been shown by the Amos team throughout the journey.”

Harri ap Rees

Registrar and COO at ICMP

Where we go from here

Of course, we’ve learnt a few lessons in the process of working with ICMP which we will be implementing from this point onwards.

With additional funding now secured, ICMP plans to further strengthen their investment in Amos Connect with additional application integrations earmarked for delivery in 2023.

Download the full customer case study to see how Amos transformed ICMP’s IT infrastructure.


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