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NCI Case Study
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NCI Case Study

Infrastructure Upgrades & Business Process Review for National College of Ireland

Today’s education institutions are facing an uphill battle when it comes to data connectivity, accessibility, and system adaptability. With new digital technologies driving modern education forward, campuses are turning to flexible cloud-based solutions to meet these challenges head-on.

National College of Ireland has always been at the forefront of best practices, but they were finding it difficult to support their existing legacy system.

Find out how NCI managed to implement a private cloud system, strategic system upgrades, and support in pursuit of their desire for continuous improvement.

NCI Case Study

About National College of Ireland

National College of Ireland is a third-level education institution in Dublin. Established in 1951, the institution is now responsible for the higher education of more than 5,500 students and has formed partnerships with global leaders in education, including universities such as Stanford, Berkeley, and Cornell.

The Challenges

NCI needed a technology partner that could upgrade their existing Oracle infrastructure and Student Information System in order to improve user satisfaction and system reliability.

They needed an IT partner that understood the complexities of education, their Quercus solution, and the unique requirements of modern education.

The Solution

NCI upgraded their Oracle infrastructure and student management system, which allowed for the seamless transition from a legacy system to a modern on-premises Azure cloud solution.

A thorough business process review highlighted deficiencies in their existing systems. Additionally, the implemented solution would also address the need for ongoing support and monitoring capabilities.

“Amos is very knowledgeable about the education space. They understand the product, the industry, and their whole approach to the project is excellent. The steps they proposed are very clear, roles and responsibilities clearly defined, and the project management model used is structured and visible. Working with Amos ensured the entire NCI team had clearly defined goals and were accountable for their deliverables.”

Geraldine Minogue

IT Manager at National College of Ireland

The Outcomes

NCI now has support for their Oracle infrastructure and has migrated their student management system to an on premises Azure cloud solution, giving them a secure system and full control over their data.

Working with a trusted IT partner like Amos has led to a significant boost in user confidence. The college is now pursuing a roadmap to implement broader functionality as they address new challenges like administering non-traditional courses and general business processes.

Download the full customer case study to see how Amos transformed NCI’s IT infrastructure.


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