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Linesight Case Study
Amos | Customer Success Story

Linesight Case Study

Linesight Uses Sophisticated Dashboards and Streamlined Processes to Refine Decision Making

The construction industry likely isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cutting edge technology. But with increasing complexity and competition, this sector is rapidly evolving as it pursues connectivity, automation, and other next generation technologies.

Linesights is a global consulting firm that specialises in helping companies in the construction industry. They understood the need to transform the people, processes, and technology it relied on to stay competitive. But with complex legacy systems, multiple time zones, and the desire to modernise—connectivity and accessibility quickly became the focus.

Find out how Linesight went all-in with a modernisation strategy that prioritised integration, seamless data flow, and the creation of intuitive dashboards and automated reporting.

Linesight Case Study

About Linesight

Linesight is a consulting firm that has provided professional services and strategic support to the global construction industry since 1974. The company employs more than 650 people and has offices in 22 countries throughout North America, Europe, APAC and MENA.

The Challenges

Lineisght needed a simplified solution that improved their ability to access critical information across various systems, regulatory environments, departments, and projects. That meant creating an integrated experience that focused on seamless data flow, accuracy, and reliability.

They needed a partner that could implement advanced reporting functionality, improve business intelligence capabilities, and empower their teams with solutions that catered to the complex requirements of the construction industries.

The Solution

Linesight’s integration initiative involved assessing and improving critical processes, implementing a data store to collate essential information, the creation of MINT and the key Account Management dashboard, and maximising the availability of data across the organization.

The Outcomes

Linesight now has powerful and connected tools that have drastically transformed the way their teams approach decision making, reporting, forecasting, and other critical areas of the business.

The company’s partnership with Amos increased awareness about the ‘art of the possible,” providing them with a glimpse into what they can accomplish through enhanced visibility and data connectivity.

Download the full customer case study to see how Amos transformed Linesight’s IT infrastructure.

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