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An integration solution built specifically for education

Amos | Connect provides higher education with a platform that connects essential applications and unblocks data flow.

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AMOS Integration Solution
Easily connect your applications together
Constantly monitoring connectivity
Fixed price + known cost up front
Further & Higher Education specific provider
AMOS Connect

Overcome your biggest data flow and integration challenges

Higher education is facing a system integration problem. More data than ever is flowing between the mission-critical systems you rely on.

And it’s becoming harder than ever to support and drive value out of these systems.

Amos | Connect is an integration hub that connects and streamlines the flow of data between the essential systems you rely on—from student information systems to course management.

Designed For You

The Amos | Connect user interface is intuitive and seamless, making it easy to manage integrations.

  • Customizable data dashboards
  • Out-of-the-box support for Amos | 3D
  • Integration map
Secure Platform

Your data is in safe hands. Powerful security protocols and encryption ensure your data is always protected.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • WS02 Identity Server
See Everything

Get a birds eye view of your systems with monitoring, alerts and scheduled tasks.

  • Push-based alert mechanism
  • Real-time integration monitor
  • Scheduled tasks for integrations
Improved Data Storage

The Amos Data Hub allows you to store large amounts of data required for integration and reporting. You can easily dispose of the data to ensure GDPR compliance.

  • Improved Scenario Retry Mechanism
  • Data hub
  • Log file download
Amos | Connect

We've got a feature for that

Powerful integration framework
A pre-built, fully supported solution that can be implemented with ease into any higher education admin system.
Alerts and monitoring
We're proactively monitoring integrations at all times. If there's anything you need to know you'll be alerted.
API hub
Access APIs that can streamline integration and provide connectivity with popular higher education systems.
End-to-end encryption
A fully encrypted integration platform that keeps your data secure as it moves between systems.
Cloud infrastructure
Amos | Connect is cloud native, hosted on AWS and integrates with both cloud and on-premise legacy systems.
Real-time data flow
Real-time data flow between the essential services in your system makes for a better employee and student experience.
Amos | Connectors

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Amos Connect faqs

Why choose Amos | Connect?

Amos | Connect was designed by a team with decades of experience developing systems for education. Our integration solution is capable of meeting the unique needs of education institutions and keep data flowing between your systems.

We understand education administration

We understand your systems, the specific needs of the sector, the key processes you rely on, and the "why" behind it all.

API driven platform the drives connectivity

Accessing and processing data is your top priority. Our integration allows you to drive more value from your existing data, as well as unlock new data streams through improved business processes.

Flexible solution that integrates with legacy systems

Your legacy systems are deeply embedded in your institution. We can work with and build upon your existing legacy systems, providing you with an agile solution that doesn't require complete change.

A solution designed specifically for education institutions

We've designed Amos | Connect specifically to solve major problems that have been affecting education administrations for decades.

Cloud-based and scalable

Your needs evolve over time, so does Amos | Connect. You can scale up your solution based on your actual needs. There's no need to pay for features you aren't ready to use.

Solve your biggest integration challenges with Amos | Connect

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