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Best in class applications need best in class Quercus integration

Quercus is a robust platform that’s great for educational administrations looking to improve their flexibility. But as feature-rich as Quercus is—you need to leverage the native Quercus APIs to maximise your investment.

Amos | Ellucian Quercus
Amos | Quercus

Leverage more value from your Quercus investment

Quercus is popular amongst education institutions that are looking to improve their ability to manage the student experience, implement a powerful self-service solution, take advantage of analytics and reports, and scale the platform as they grow.

Does your institution struggle to integrate Quercus with other applications...

A lack of integration between systems can lead to a variety of challenges, including:


Quercus Live Link to work multiple systems, and other integrations


Quercus messages to go to multiple systems


and ensuring the reliability of your Quercus integrations


Quercus Message Link with your existing systems

Amos | Connect

We've got a feature for that

Powerful Integration Framework
A pre-built solution that's easy to implement, comes with support, and works with most education administrations systems.
Alerts and monitoring
We're proactively monitoring integrations at all times. If there's anything you need to know you'll be alerted.
Access APIs that can streamline integration and provide connectivity with popular higher education systems.
End-to-End Encryption
A fully encrypted integration platform that keeps your data secure as it moves between systems.
Cloud Infrastructure
Amos | Connect is cloud native, hosted on AWS and integrates with both cloud and on-premise legacy systems.
Real-Time Data Flow
Real-time data flow between the essential services in your system makes for a better employee and student experience.
AMOS Ellucian Quercus

Why choose Amos | Connect?

Our team of education experts combined with the power of Amos | Connect will simplify how your institution interacts and drives value from Quercus.

Decades of experience building Quercus integrations for education

Quercus is only as good as the integrations that power it. Amos | Connect was designed specifically for educational institutions to help them get their data systems synced and communicating.

Create efficient integrations between your applications and Quercus

A default Quercus implementation may require up to four integration messages to ensure that data has been sent to the right source. Amos|Connect reduces this problem, using its API Library to present usable end points to your other campus systems.

Visualise your data flow with the integration dashboard

Understanding your integration can be challenging. We help you visualise how it works. Amos | Connect's powerful Integration Dashboard keeps you in control and ensures that your data is always flowing between your systems.

Build integrations that enhance your workflows

Does your institution have a specific way that it likes to work? The Amos team will work with you to define the flow of your data, implement integrations that work with your processes, and support the connectors for you.

Quercus FAQ's

Can I reconfigure the Quercus Integration?

Yes, you can. It can be reconfigured at any time, but we recommend you work with an Amos integration specialist.

Will my Quercus integration be real-time?

Yes. The flow of data can be as real-time as you need it to be. Amos Connect lets you customize the frequency that data is pushed between application integrations.

What happens when my Quercus integration stops working?

Amos proactively monitors your integration. Alerts can be subscribed to, ensuring you’re aware of any integration difficulties as they occur. The Amos support team is always available to troubleshoot and solve any potential issues.

How much will a Quercus integration cost?

Amos Connect is a SaaS-based subscription. Our integration as a service solution reduces upfront IT expenses and provides you with consistent and frequent updates throughout the lifetime of your subscription. Amos Connect also saves you money when it comes to IT staffing and related costs by freeing up your teams to focus on higher priority tasks.

Will I have access to the integration APIs?

Yes, you will. Data that’s being integrated is accessible through the Amos API Hub.

Does Amos Connect integrate with popular applications used in higher education?

Yes. The Amos Connect integration as a service solution supports popular applications, including Moodle, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. We can create custom integrations on an as-needed basis.

Why choose Amos Connect for your Quercus integrations?

Amos is an industry-leader when it comes to Quercus integrations. Our integration as a service platform uses the WSO2 framework. We also have a dedicated partnership with Ellucian for projects involving integrations between Quercus and other platforms used in higher education.

Are you ready to drive more value from your essential systems?

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