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Visualise and manage data seamlessly with Amos | 3D

Making strategic decisions from your data is key to long term business success. Our product transforms your data-flows into insights you can use.

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What’s the data saying?

You will have a lot of data flowing through your organisation. Many companies struggle to collect, transform, and visualise that data, enabling applications to work together effectively.

Amos | 3D solves these problems by offering a new way to collect, store and use data so it’s a help not a hindrance.

Drive more value out of your data

Seeing your data in a new way should provide significant boosts to your business.

Amos | 3D’s suite of analytics tools show you exactly what’s going on with your finances, customers, users and staff, helping you ensure operational efficiency.

Set up access for the whole team

Anyone with the right permissions can asses your data, view metrics and use that data, to improve decison making processes

Get as much detail as you need

Collecting data isn’t enough on it’s own. Our solution gives you the tools you need to analyze your data from all angles

Compatible with all your favourite applications

There is no need to switch to unfamilar applications. Our solution is capatible with Excel and other familar tools

Amos | 3D

The features your organisation needs

Identify inefficiencies
Amos | 3D helps you identify inefficiencies in your business processes enabling you to make cost savings whilst delivering a better service to your constituents.
Aggregate your data flows
Our solution aggregates data from multiple sources, so you can see the big picture.
Create customised reports
Custom reports, financial forecasts, and key metrics turn your data into actionable information.
Bidirectional data flows
Amos | 3D improves the agility of your teams by letting you make changes in real-time that will go live to multiple applications within your organisation.
Improved auditing features
Stay on top of compliance requirements with enhanced auditing features that let you assign roles, log changes, review submissions, and more.
Simple application migration
Add or remove existing applications with ease. The Amos team can help you migrate data to your systems of choice.
Our expertise

We support industry-leading platforms

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